Project Description

Rycardo is known for his very distinct style of dance and this is reflected in his inimitable style of choreography which is showcased best by his own crew – Empire Dance Company – who he founded in January 2016 and who went on to win the UK Dance Championships the same year!

Ricardo was born in Portugal and moved to London at young age chase his dream of becoming a respected professional dancer.  He soon made his presence known on the UK commercial dance scene with his fun, outgoing personality and his passion for his art  and it wasn’t long before his talent ensured he was working for some of the best names in the business – Little Mix, Cheryl Cole, Pixi Lott, Aluna George, Tinie Tempah to name just some.  He gained further knowledge and experience by performing on most of the major light entertainment TV Shows, tours and music videos.

These young, talented dancers who make up EMPIRE DANCE COMPANY are choreographed and directed by Ricardo and are from all walks of life, with mixed socio-economic, cultural and ethnic backgrounds. They are a force of nature – incredible to watch and committed to this ground-breaking dance company by their love of dance and their determination and professional commitment to their own unique brand.

They have an unforgettable style and image that sits alongside their talent and which is garnering considerable interest for appearances in music videos as well as for performances for major and international brand leaders across many differing platforms.