In 2007 Nadia Raibin and Christian Storm formed Mass Movement Management Ltd to create a unique company that combined both their specialist skills and heavy-weight experience. As the saying goes “two heads are better than one” and jointly they have pioneered incredible and remarkable events across the globe in the experiential and ‘live’ arenas whilst their talent management division continues to cultivate hugely respected leading lights in the creative and choreographic world for both the entertainment, commercial and corporate sectors.

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Nadia Raibin has been in the live events business for the past 30 years.  It is safe to say that there are no arenas in the fashion, music and sporting worlds that have not benefited from her innovative and forward thinking approach to creating events that are remembered for all the right reasons.

She has always believed that ‘entertainment’ was the key to engaging audiences and was the first Producer  to use  professional ‘dancers’ and choreographers from the light entertainment world to create and perform fashion shows on a global basis.  This approach was embraced by many major brands and organisations and she was ‘retained’ on a pan European basis by clients such as Levis Strauss, Adidas, Umbro, Koln Messe – as well as being contracted by major world-wide Exhibition Organisers to create ‘central feature’ shows for their exhibitions.

In the Sporting world Nadia is known for bringing ‘pre-match’ entertainment to the UK. After a meeting with Wembley Stadium, she was contracted to produce all the sports entertainment that took place on the hallowed turf before and post each event. Nadia dominated the industry and set the benchmark for others to follow. She worked closely with host broadcasters ensuring that not only the audiences in the stadium were entertained but that the global audience were too. She was retained by The FA, UEFA, RFU, ECB, RFL, Horse of the Year Show, Sky Sports, BBC, ITV to produce key sporting occasions for a decade.

Event sponsors embraced her concepts in the ‘experiential’ market place where she went on to devise and create unique ‘experiences’ for brands. The music industry also benefited from the opportunities that her pre-match entertainment concepts afforded them as they were able to showcase artists to global audiences with guaranteed TV coverage. She also founded and managed platinum selling artist classical crossover artists Amici forever, OperaBabes, Kindred Spirits and other notables. Sony & EMI retained her as a consultant to source and develop new artists as they knew she had the key to unlock untold promotional opportunities for their artists and in so doing was responsible for making many a career in the music industry.

Nadia specialises in ensuring ‘live does not mean dangerous’ and her ability and knowledge enables her to bring together highly skilled teams of gifted people – all with a common goal and uniquely positioned to deliver extraordinary results.

You have only to look at the roster of talent she now manages and their client lists to see the width and breadth of her experience – from global brands to global creatives – she has it covered.

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Christian was a much in demand and highly respected performer for 15yrs.  His list of credits speaks volumes as he worked with some of the largest International music artists on the planet.  He toured the world twice before he reached 24yrs – sharing a stage with such celebrated names as Black Eyed Peas, Cher, Ricky Martin, Gloria Estefan, Lionel Ritchie, Take That, Kylie Minogue, Destiny’s Child, Spice Girls…..   From playing the lead role of Mungo Jerry in “Cats” in the West End for 3 years to performing on the biggest TV programs both here, Europe and in America he gained further insight into the entertainment genre.  His success and experience as a performer also included him working with production companies promoting major brands and in 2002 this is where he and Nadia’s paths first crossed.  His motivation to be the best set him apart from the rest and more importantly he realised he had something more to offer than just his performance skills.

As a performer he understood and knew what it took to bring an audience to life –  his goal was to use his ‘show business’ experience to transform the way fashion, sport and music business events were approached and produced.

 This vision was the catalyst to launch a unique agency and production company  – Mass Movement. He knew that if he could capture the spirit of performance to deliver brand messages to the masses he would be able to create events and experiences that were at another level.  He began to translate those visions – initially by choreographing shows in the corporate marketplace where only the very best dancers in London were employed. It wasn’t long before he realised his ideas were better than the briefs he was given to choreograph.  He discovered he had another ability – he clearly and concisely understood brand messaging and was able to convert those messages via all the dimensions and disciplines he learned during his years of performing.  His in-depth knowledge of show business, staging, screen content, live, music, lighting allowed him to hone his craft and with Nadia guiding the business side of MM he was able to bring about a change in the way live and experiential events were created.  As a respected Creative Director he treated every event no matter how small as if it were a global tour.  His attention to detail, his drive and unlimited energy translated into successful event after successful event. CEO’s of major brands now rely upon his passion and vision as he consistently delivers show business to big business with his own signature indelibly stamped on every event.


Our heart is in fashion, music, art, sport and entertainment, whilst our head is in brand communication, consumerism and finance. We might appear to be creative directors, choreographers, show producers and talent agents but we are also in fact mathematicians, physicists, economists and brand psychologists.

Every step of the way we offer a service that is completely bespoke to individual requirements and that allows our clients to fully leverage and integrate our expertise and connections without ever feeling overawed by them.

Our process organically falls into three stages:




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The first goal of any project is to understand what’s wanted, what that objective is, who do they want to touch and what story do they want to tell? We then devise treatments and concepts that are on point and to the point.
We also understand the benefits of closely collaborating with brands, marketing executives, creative agencies, managements, record labels, film companies, video houses and mainstream TV.
The ideas we bring to the table are unpredictable and forward thinking.
We understand how to utilise, time, energy and budgets effectively to maximise productions and performances.

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Creativity is such an ethereal abstract that when examined closely, it is not surprising to see a lot of very hard work beneath the effortless exterior. Our Talent Management division represents Show Directors, Creative Directors, Choreographers, Stylists, Lighting Directors and Content Producers of the highest professional calibre – they are in fact also magicians.
We are specialists across all production disciplines and all entertainment genres.
We love what we do…..and we are very, very good at it.
We make moments, create performances and inspire events that stir emotions and deliver the right messaging – whether we are working in show business or big business the same ethos applies

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Creating an idea and delivering an idea are poles apart.
We understand that every journey must be mapped out properly to arrive safely at the destination.
We deliver the best events and performances by collaborating and communicating – resulting in experiences that stretch far beyond client expectations and is why our clients return to us and our creatives time and time again.
The best projects often start with a simple conversation….  so why not talk to us today about your next project.
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