Joshua Kane caused a stir on the 17th February this year at the London Palladium with a show that lured the audience into his “fantasy world”. Laurie Trueman, writer for London-based Men’s rock n roll fashion magazine and fellow spectator at the show, said that “it was a pleasure for his guests to step inside of [Joshua Kane’s fantasy world]. Closing with the two lovers meeting again, and stepping into a ballet performance that was breathtaking.” Who could blame her? We binged on the full show ourselves, which you can see  here on Vimeo or on Kane’s website here, and let us tell you: all 18 minutes are a triumph; a sensory collision of fashion and theatre completely complemented by the stunning ballet performances from third-year – yes third-year – students of Central School of Ballet. At 11:21 we get to see the sumptuous and effortless choreography characteristically synonymous with MM Show Director, Creative Director and Choreographer Andy Turner as it progresses to a live version of Adagio for Strings by Samuel Barber.

The incredible side note to this was that Andy created the ‘breathtaking ballet’ in just three hours and with only a day to the show – we honestly don’t know how he does it!

Andy Turner has worked alongside Joshua Kane consecutively for four years and their creative collaboration seems only to be strengthened with their shared overall vision for the fashion shows that are now known as the ones that deviated from elitism. For ‘Journey’, Kane’s answer to the AW17 catwalk show, Andy worked as choreographer and movement director, helping to actualise the physical portrayal of Kane’s work and vision. Mass Movement’s very own Choreographer, Gaz Davis, was assistant choreographer to Andy Turner.